David W Green | University College London


“Adaptive changes in the multilingual brain: causes and correlates”

How does the brain adapt to learning and using multiple languages?  Changes might be expected in the neural regions mediating the representation of language and its control and reflect the interactional context of language use. Communities differ in their use of languages: some code-switch within a conversational turn, others do not. Different patterns of use induce different habits of language control to mediate effective turn-taking.  In this paper I will consider what we know so far about these adaptive changes and what we might expect to find as we explore further.

Research Summary

David W. Green has conducted theoretical, experimental and neuroimaging research into the bilingual and multilingual adult brain in both normal individuals and those who have suffered stroke. He is currently a Professorial Research Fellow in Cognitive, Perceptual and Brain Sciences and an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at University College London.