November 18, Tuesday
 18.00  Welcome mingle at the Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies 
 November 19, Wednesday at Grand Hotel
11.30 Registration
 12:00 Lunch
 13:00 Welcome words by Sven Strömqvist
 13.10 Keynote: Asaf Gilboa “Prior knowledge and its influence on new learning and memory: a cognitive neuroscience perspective
14.00 Anthony Wagner “Virtual reality, event replay, and memory-guided behavior
14.30 H. Craig Heller, Damien Colas, Bayarsaikhan Chuluun, & Fiona Mulvey “Curing the learning disability of individuals with Down Syndrome”
15.00 Coffee
15.30 Jonathan Berger “Measuring listeners’ engagement with music” (via conference link)
16.00 Alex Schlegel “The artist emerges: tracking neural changes in visual art students”
16.30 Andreas Olsson “Emotional learning in social interaction”
17.00 Daniel Schwartz “Learning technologies to improve and understand the human mind (brain)”
19.00 Dinner at Hypoteksvåningen
November 20, Thursday at Grand Hotel
9.00 Keynote: David W Green “Adaptive changes in the multilingual brain: causes and correlates”
 10.00  Coffee
 10.30 Brian Wandell “Reading circuitry in the human brain”
 11.00 Niclas Burenhult “Diversity and the language/culture interface: the case of landscape”
 11.30 Bencie Woll “Deaf culture, sign language and the brain, iconicity, phonology and sign language poetry”
 12.00  Lunch
 13.00 Poster session
14.00 Keynote: Judith Hudson “Stories of the past and future: constructing an autobiographical self through time”
15.00 Coffee
15.30 Nathalie Philips “Literary neuroscience and disciplinary learning: patterns of attention and memory in reading Jane Austen.” (via conference link)
16.00 Patrik Svensson “The emerging Humanities”
16.30 Short walk to the Humanities Lab
16.50 Demonstration of the Humanities Lab
18.00 Dinner at Biskopshuset
November 21, Friday at Turning Torso, Malmö
8.30 Transportation to Malmö by bus from Lund Central Station, Västra station (West station)
9.00 Coffee
9.30 Panel discussion led by Mo Costandi
10.30 Break
10.45 Panel discussion continued
11.30 Marianne Gullberg, Patrik Svensson, H. Craig Heller “Research in an interdisciplinary network”
12.00 Lunch
13.30 Transportation by bus to Malmö central station, and to Lund


A conference booklet (pdf-file) with abstracts can be found here : CBL2014_booklet