Moderator, Chairs, Local Committee

Moderator: Mo Costandi

Mo Costandi trained as a neuroscientist and now works as a freelance science writer and a writer for The Guardian. He is the author of 50 Human Brain Ideas You Really Need to Know, published by Quercus in July 2013.

Conference Chair: Sven Strömqvist


Sven Strömkvist is a Professor of General Linguistics and Language Acquisition at Lund University. He also holds a position as Affiliate Professor at the University of Stavanger.

Professor Strömqvist is also a Principal Investigator of the Wallenberg Network Initiative – a scientific cooperation programme between Stanford University, Lund University and Umeå University – where among other things, the network studies the effects of narrative information on cognitive processes such as memory and learning.

 Conference Chair: Craig Heller


Dr. Heller’s laboratory works in two areas.  One is the neurobiology of sleep, circadian rhythms, and learning disabilities.  The other is the regulation of body temperature in mammals and the relationship between temperature and human performance.  Dr. Heller is co-director of the Stanford Down Syndrome Research Center. The Center fosters multidisciplinary approaches and collaborations that will help us understand the neural mechanisms underlying the cognitive dysfunction associated with Down Syndrome and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

 Conference Chair & Local Committee: Marianne Gullberg


Marianne Gullberg is professor of Psycholinguistics at Lund University. She examines the nature of adult language learning, the use of multiple languages in one mind and brain (bilingual processing), and the nature of language situated in its multimodal habitat, specficially the relationship between speech and gestures. Her research targets multiple languages and crosslinguistic comparisons, multiple modalities, and she draws on multiple methods ranging from speech and gesture analysis to behavioural and neurocognitive techniques.

Conference chair: Göran Sandberg



Local Committee: Mikael Johansson


The main goal of our research is to advance our understanding of the neurocognitive basis of memory and cognitive control. To this end, we combine methods from experimental psychology with electrophysiological (EEG/ERP) and hemodynamic (fMRI) brain imaging techniques.

Local Committee: Magnus Lindgren

Language, development, cognitive control.